Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a kick-off assembly? If so, do you handle that?

We recommend a Kick off, yes we will

What if we don’t hit our sale minimums?

You will receive less profit to your group.

What fundraising support will you offer along the way?

We are available any time to help, we add our contact info on the parent letter.

Call us not your school.

How do I run a fundraiser?

Contact us, we can walk you through it. It’s easy!

What guarantees do we receive?

We guarantee if you promote your fundraiser through out the sale and help us come up with a Great Prize incentive you will have a successful fundraiser.

How long is a typical fundraiser last?

2 weeks to sell.

How to make a small group profitable?

By choosing the right Fundraising program for your group. We can help you with that by knowing what your goals are.

How will your JumpHouse deliver to my house?

We deliver in our Van, trailer or Truck

Will I have to clean the inflatable before pickup?

No, we clean all equipment after each event.

What if I want to keep my inflatable rental an extra day?

If it is not reserved already you may add additional day cost.

How long in advance should I request my rental date?

As soon as you know the date of your event to secure your date and time

Rain is expected for my rental date. What are my options?

Reschedule for an available date or cancel within 24 hours.

Have a Question That Needs Answered?

If your question is missing from the list above, please contact us by phone at 614 309 6930, or send us an email.